Friday – 24th March 2023

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Fri 24/03 – 10:00-11:30 – A02.60 (ESA 30a)
Workshop – Explore your personal strengths! CANCELED

Because of too less subscriptions, this workshop has been canceled.

It can sometimes feel easier to notice our shortcomings rather than our strengths. But our strengths are our superpowers and should be given more attention! This uplifting workshop is all about exploring what your personal strengths are and learning to articulate them. We provide tools to map out your strengths in a creative and open environment. We will guide you through our methods and let you play “quality collector,” – a game to help you reframe and define your strengths. 

The workshop is facilitated by Hii, a student-run organization providing low-threshold workshops for all students to talk about their mental well-being and build resilience. The workshop format combines positive psychology and creative facilitation as a tool to open up the conversation.
You can find more information about Hii and sign up for other workshops at and their Instagram profile @we.say.hii.

Fri 24/03 – 10:00-12:00 – Orange room (library)
Masterclass – Coping with anxiety and fear of failure during your PhD

Do you sometimes feel anxious during your PhD? Or do you sometimes experience fear of failure? In this interactive workshop we will discuss some theory behind anxiety and fear of failure. We will talk about possible ways on how to cope with these feelings. Sharing, self-reflection and looking together for answers lie at the heart of this workshop.

This activity is organized in collaboration with the TU Delft Psychologists.

Only for PhD candidates of TU Delft

Fri 24/03 – 15:00-16:30 – Commissiekamer 3 (Aula)
Interactive Masterclass – Inclusive education; as a way of listening, empowering and celebrating differences.

“Inclusion is a way to cope with diversity.” People have an instinctive reaction towards injustice and inequality. Working towards an equal treatment also means believing in the growth potential and talents of every human. As an educational institution, this means working towards an inclusive culture, inclusive practice and an inclusive policy.

During this interactive lecture, the Diversity & Inclusion Office will give an overview of how we organize and approach this at TU Delft. Guest speaker Prof. Elke Emmers will show how we can speak a common language when it comes to diversity and inclusion in higher education, on which key points we can pay attention to when taking shared responsibility and what coffee has to do with all of this.

Guest speaker: Prof. dr. Elke Emmers
UHasselt Research on Innovative and Society-engaged Education

This activity is organized in collaboration with the Diversity and Inclusion Office of TU Delft.

For students and
PhD candidates of TU Delft

For employees of TU Delft
or external visitors

Fri 24/03 – 17:00-19:00 – Frans Van Hasselt Zaal (Aula)
Network Event – Chat & Connect

Come join us at this closing network event and celebrate the end of the AccessAbility Week 2023. We would like to offer students and staff members of TU Delft the possibility to get together, make interesting connections and exchange thoughts. There will be the opportunity to talk about experiences from the past week over some drinks and bites. Let us Chat & Connect!
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For students and
PhD candidates of TU Delft

For employees of TU Delft
or external visitors