Monday – 20th March 2023

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Mon 20/03 – 10:00-11:30 – Collegezaal D (aula)
Kick-off AccessAbility Week – Opening doors towards Inclusive education

Studying with a disability or other support requirement at the TU Delft. Various studies have shown that many students with a support requirement, still experience limitations during their educational pathway.
In 2018 TU Delft signed the UN Convention. For inclusive education, we focus on eight defining elements in which equality, autonomy, participation and accessibility – are the most important. These elements are in line with the goals of the UN Convention; an educational approach that is available, accessible, acceptable and adaptable.
This requires commitment and responsibility from every person within the university. How do we ensure a future-proof educational approach? How do we keep accessibility on to the agenda? How do we prevent unnecessary study delays?
In the kick-off event, we discuss where we stand as a university and how we want to move forward.

Kick-off Program:
Student Onbeperkt and Horizon welcome you on this kick-off event.

Sacha Kroonenberg (Director Education & Student Affairs) will officially open this event week during this kick-off. She will give insight into the TU Delft policy regarding studying with a functional impairment and other special needs.

Ellen van Veen (ECIO) tells us more about the state of inclusive education in the Netherlands. TU Delft signed the UN Convention. Ellen will explain what it means for our university, students and staff.

Stephan Persaud Teacher of the year 2021 (Lecturer IDE and educational researcher) shares what is possible from a teachers perspective.

Rob Mudde (Vice-Rector Magnificus and Vice-President Education) will close this kick-off and will tell us more about what opportunities there are for improvement in terms of an inclusive educational approach.

In short: Let us open these doors towards a more inclusive educational system by sharing knowledge and experiences. Get inspired, meet and connect by subscribing now for this kick-off.

For students and
PhD candidates of TU Delft

For employees of TU Delft
or external visitors

Mon 20/03 – 13:30-15:30 – hall 2 (Pulse)
Masterclass – Gifted students at the university

We start the first part of the afternoon with an inspirational session about giftedness in combination with studying at the university. What does giftedness look like, how does it feel, what does it do with the student and what does that mean for the university? Can giftedness bring disadvantages besides the advantages? We conclude this session with a panel of gifted students who will answer questions about their study experiences. This workshop is intended for students, teachers, student counsellors and management.

In the second hour* of the afternoon, we split into two groups after a short break:

  1. The group of teachers/student counselors/management will work together with the questions: What can, and will we do at TU Delft for gifted students? What are we already doing? What more is needed? Where to facilitate quick wins and how to find and support each other as colleagues on this subject.
  2. The group of students will be looking for points of recognition and interfaces, both in terms of study as in social aspects.

This workshop is organized in collaboration with
▪ Simone Keijsers – Counsellor for gifted students at Leiden University (contactinfo)
▪ Marleen van Beek – Educational adviser giftedness (

*If you sign up for the online version,
you are only able to participate in the first hour of this masterclass.

For students and
PhD candidates of TU Delft

For employees of TU Delft
or external visitors

Mon 20/03 – 15:30-17:00 – A02.60 (ESA 30a)
Workshop – Get a grip on your studies with Getting Things Done®!

Studying can be very stressful and it is sometimes difficult to keep an oversight. Are you studying at TU Delft and would you like to get more work done? Or do you want to learn how to work more effectively and efficiently? Then ‘Getting Things Done®’ is the way to achieve that. Moreover, it is used by millions of professionals worldwide. During this workshop you will get an explanation about this self management method and you will learn tools to get started yourself. Take your chance and subscribe now.

This workshop is given by certified ‘Getting Things Done’ trainer Anne van der Galiën. You can find more information on his website:

For students and
PhD candidates of TU Delft