The department of Education and Student Affairs of the TU Delft facilitates the organization of this week. Read more about the organisators of the AccessAbility Week 2023; the platform of Career and Counseling Services Horizon and student platform Student Onbeperkt.
If you have any questions or feedback regarding this event, please feel free to send us an e-mail. Contact information can be found below.

What is Horizon?

Horizon is an (online) platform from Career and Counselling Services within the department of Education and Student Affairs for all TU Delft students with a disability or other special needs. Even if you are not yet sure what obstacles you may encounter or what you are looking for, Horizon is there for you! You will come into contact with student counsellors who have experience of studying with a disability.

What can Horizon help you with?

To request facilities:

  • Extra time for tests and exams (10 minutes/hour)
  • Free licence for read-aloud software (TextAid)
  • Study Buddy: for practical help in studying

Information and advice:

  • Customised adjustments for taking your education programme and exams
  • Help in finding financial compensation if you experience a delay in your studies and for extra resources
  • Advice on policy, laws and regulations within TU Delft
  • Training sessions and workshops
  • Explanation of possible solutions with regard to accommodation
Contact us

Check out our webpage on TU Delft for more information

Send us a mail:

What is Student Onbeperkt

Student Onbeperkt is a platform for students with disabilities by students with disabilities that is committed to interaction, improvement and informing.
The mission of Student Onbeperkt is to ensure that every student with a disability at the TU Delft feels right at home and can fully engage in education. 

What can Student Onbeperkt help you with?

Through student platform Student Onbeperkt you can meet other students with a disability, exchange tips and tricks and collaborate with the TU Delft

  • Get in touch with other students with a disability
  • Collaborate with TU Delft on policy about studying with a disability
  • Monthly (digital) meetups, where you can share your thoughts as well as chat with others, so that you can learn a lot from each other.
Contact us

Check out our webpage on TU Delft for more information

Send us a mail:

Join us!

Join us! Participate without any obligations in an open meetup evening or register with Student Onbeperkt through our registration form.